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  • 無農薬・無肥料栽培
  • 樹齢200~300年の柿の木から収穫
  • 明治期からの伝統製法


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Persimmons are hand-picked one by one from 200~300 year old trees that have lived since the Edo period, and dried in the traditional method since the Meiji period.

The process of making dried persimmons begins when the astringent persimmons are quite ripe. The wind from the Unzen downpour blows and the late autumn winds begin to fall on the eaves of houses in the small spring days. The warm sunlight peculiar to Minami-Shimabara makes the drying process progress. The Nakamura secret method is used to ripen the dough until a white powder blows off. The manufacturing technique developed by Hatsutaro Nakamura, the second generation of the Nakamura family, lives on today.

It is ideal for both home use and as a gift.

  •     Cultivated without pesticides or fertilizers
  •     Harvested from 200~300 year old persimmon trees
  •     Traditional production method since the Meiji Era
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