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<ギフトセット>手延べ そうめん + うどん + よもぎうどん

<ギフトセット>手延べ そうめん + うどん + よもぎうどん

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麺セット 1.75kg
・手延べそうめん 2袋
・手延べうどん 2袋
・手延べよもぎうどん 3袋

麺セット 2.75kg
・手延べそうめん 4袋
・手延べうどん 4袋
・手延べよもぎうどん 3袋


The flavorful taste is brought out by using only carefully selected Hokkaido wheat flour, Mongolian Tengai-ten salt, stone water from Mt. Unzen, and young mugwort leaves until early April. It is characterized by its firmness and umami taste due to craftsmanship and maturation.

Yomogi udon noodles:
Featured in the March 2007 issue of the women's magazine Mrs.'s, "Hidden Taste, Delicious Taste. These herb noodles contain no coloring or flavoring, and are safe to eat. Please enjoy the rich aromatic taste.

Noodle set 1.75kg
・Hand-pulled somen noodles : 2 bags
・Hand-pulled udon noodles : 2bags
・Hand-pulled Yomogi Udon Noodles : 3 bags

Noodle set 2.75kg
・Hand-pulled somen noodles : 4 bags
・Hand-pulled udon noodles : 4bags
・Hand-pulled Yomogi Udon Noodles : 3 bags

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