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奇跡の柿酢 ブレンド酢(新酢×熟成酢)<オンライン限定>

奇跡の柿酢 ブレンド酢(新酢×熟成酢)<オンライン限定>

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  • 原料は無農薬・無肥料栽培の柿だけ
  • 水も砂糖も、化学的に培養された菌もいっさい使用していません
  • 100% 柿のエキス
  • 火入れをせず天然菌が生きています
  • 薬品は使わず木綿の布でこしています



Exclusive to the official website.
We blended freshly made new vinegar and 5~8 years aged vinegar, and adjusted it to be both fruity and mellow. The taste of fruit from a 200 year old tree at the foot of Mt.

Persimmon vinegar is made without pesticides or fertilizers, without heating, and without filtration.
It is fermented for six months and aged for more than three years without the use of water or alcohol.

From 2018, we have changed the persimmons we use to more ripe and sugary ones. The resulting product is also sweeter.

  •     Only persimmons grown without pesticides and fertilizers are used as ingredients.
  •     No water, sugar, or chemically cultured bacteria are used.
  •     100% persimmon extract
  •     No fire-roasting, natural fungi are still alive.
  •     No chemicals are used and the product is strained through a cotton cloth.

*Because it is unfiltered, unheated, and contains live bacteria, hazy sediment may form at the bottom of the bottle, but there is no quality problem.

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