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<ギフトセット> 奇跡の柿酢 熟成酢【業界誌 (料理通信) お宝食材コンテスト ベスト20選出】

<ギフトセット> 奇跡の柿酢 熟成酢【業界誌 (料理通信) お宝食材コンテスト ベスト20選出】

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 業界誌 (料理通信) お宝食材コンテスト ベスト20に選出され、「熟成を重ねた琥珀色の滴りは酢の概念を超えた、まるい香りとうま味を兼ね備えている」との評価をいただいたのが、この熟成柿酢。


  • 原料は無農薬・無肥料栽培の柿だけ
  • 水も砂糖も、化学的に培養された菌もいっさい使用していません
  • 100% 柿のエキス
  • 火入れをせず天然菌が生きています
  • 薬品は使わず木綿の布でこしています



We have prepared a persimmon vinegar gift set that makes the perfect gift. Delivered in an elegant package.

Why not send a gift of gratitude and good health to someone you want to stay healthy forever? It is also an ideal gift for those who do not like to drink alcohol.

This aged persimmon vinegar was selected as one of the best 20 in the industry magazine (Culinary Communication) Treasured Foods Contest, and was praised for its "amber-colored drops that have been aged to combine a round aroma and umami taste that transcends the concept of vinegar.

We use persimmons harvested from 200~300 year old trees grown naturally without pesticides or fertilizers, and ferment and ripen them using our original method. It is a valuable fermented food with living bacteria.

  •     The only ingredients are persimmons grown without pesticides or fertilizers.
  •     No water, sugar, or chemically cultivated bacteria are used.
  •     100% persimmon extract
  •     No fire-roasting, natural fungi are still alive.
  •     Strain with cotton cloth without using any chemicals.

Comes with a box.
We also accept gifts of a gift.

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